We put 25 years of combined affiliate marketing experience to good use.

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Brand protection.

The Internet can be a bit like the Wild West sometimes. Without the right approach and care, your carefully sculpted image is being slung all over the place alongside products and companies you want nothing to do with.

Instead of dealing with a whole bunch of cowboys spreading manure, join our successful stable of tried and true partners and get the job done right. We won’t let your brand get into the wrong hands or onto the wrong page.

Some markets are particularly volatile for bad placement. Can you imagine a vegan restaurant advertised next to a manufacturer of leather goods? What about your children’s clothing line showing up on a horror movie site? Despite the fact that it doesn’t look too great, you’re also wasting advertsing dollars!

Variety is the spice of life.

Don’t waste your money barking up the wrong tree...climb the ladder instead! A well aimed campaign can turn an unknown business into an overnight sensation. By targeting exactly the type of users you’re interested in you ensure that your dollars are well spent.

A carefully placed ad can immediately give your brand credibility by piggybacking on the success of those who came before you. Just appearing on a popular website or alongside another known brand has a confidence inspiring effect on the consumer that will translate to dollars for your company.

Buyers > tire kickers.

Getting your brand in front of eyes is nice, but sales are much better. We aim to turn your views into clicks and your clicks into purchases.

The key to accomplishing that is weeding out Publishers that won’t help your cause. ROI is the name of the game, and we’re going to help you win.

Integers of Interest

These are just a few of the things that make us proud to come to work every day.

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Cups of Coffee


Maximize your traffic dollars.

Our forwarding-thinking approach keeps us in the good graces of up and coming businesses all over the world. From fashion to tech, you can bet that the products being put on offer will be great for your bottom line.

Our statistics speak for themselves - people are buying from the advertisers we represent! A focus on known brands and motivated entrepreneurs keeps our advertising stream vibrant and fresh. Do you want to pray for more clicks and conversions or cash cheques? Yeah, we thought that’s what you’d say.

Take off the handcuffs.

We don’t want you to be held hostage by long term agreements and we don’t want you to be forced to take on advertisers you don’t approve of. Focus on short duration campaigns or build lasting relationships with top brands...it’s all up to you.

Do you hate it when ads on your site have sound that startles your followers? No problem, block that ad type altogether. What about limiting your ads to a certain demographic that suits readers or your blog? You can control that too.

The numbers don’t lie.

How can you know where to go if you don’t know where you are? A large part of creating success online is being quick on your feet and changing with the times. Something that worked in July might be brutally slow in September.

With the ability to track exactly what’s going on in your profile, you can make informed decisions that could speed up your ride to riches considerably.

So, why should you choose Interchange Marketing over someone else?

Because we have nicer haircuts than the other guys do. (Or maybe it’s because...)


...we’re really, really good at this.

Is there anything worse than false modesty? Probably, but we’re experts in this field and that’s all there is to it. The key to being awesome at something is being able to back it up with cold, hard facts.

25 Years Combined Experience

We’re not only well-versed in the art of making money, but also in protecting it. Our collective background is in affiliate marketing, payment processing and web security.


We have partners all over the world. No matter what your target audience, we have people in our Rolodex who sell to them.

Our Success Depends on Yours

Let’s be honest here - if our clients weren’t making any money, neither would we. We want you to succeed, for reasons bordering on selfish. Get in touch with us today.